Personal Work

The Asian Magnolia trees have always been special to me and my brothers.

We were born in West China, close to Tibet, where our parents worked as Doctor and Nurse in a leper colony.
These blooms are all from one large bush in the grounds of Kenwood House - on the South Side - between Hampstead and Highgate.
In early Spring for just one week, they are at their best; then strong winds will tear them apart. Each year, I try to make this appointment.
For fourteen and a half years we had a family dog – a German shorthaired Pointer (Truffle). Bought for my daughters he soon wanted to be hunting, pointing and retrieving. 
These dogs are energetic, curious, very friendly with other dogs and great with children. (And they don't scoff like Labradors)
This is Pineau – a Star on Hampstead Heath and Highgate Woods - he belongs to two close friends.
Every time I arrive for his walk, he stands on his two hind-legs so he can lick my chin, then we're off - for three hours.
Friends and family portraits.