Film and Television

After university I knew I wanted to direct in theatre, and then in film and television - and this is what I’ve done most of my life, and I still do. 


With my Producer, Fiona Finlay, I’m buying the rights of novels to make into films, and getting scripts and budgets together takes a lot of time.


In between my work on these projects, I enjoy teaching student actors at E15 and The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School to discover the differences between screen-acting and stage-acting.  I also teach script-writing at Brookes University, Oxford.


Born in Chendu, China, where my parents worked as Doctor and Nurse in a Leper hospital, I won a Trevlyan Scholarship to Kings College Cambridge, where I read French and German (fluent in both).  Later, directing films took me to New York, Nashville, Paris, Dublin, France, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Romania.  While I was directing, I never carried a camera - as my job was working with the actors and telling the story of the film.


My approach to Photography is to use the same skills as I use when working with actors. But, this time it is for portraits, or when people are working, or having fun.  You’ll see that I often photograph singers and musicians. It’s because I admire their wonderful skills. They’re doing something I couldn’t possibly do. In fact, it’s great to photograph people who are excited about their work.  And their Wedding.


A detailed CV can be found here:

Click below for a 9 minute Show-Reel of 3 of my films; 



The Dawning

Porterhouse Blue

(These can be viewed in any order)